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Nuclear Cardiology Board Review Physics Course

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The CBNC exam is approximately 30% physics. This online Nuclear Cardiology Physics Board Review Course provides a comprehensive review of the physics material required for the exam. This review course also contains board review type quizzes in a similar format to questions on the exam.

This course allows studies on time allotments acceptable to the user, in an environment comfortable to the student. Each physics lecture is accompanied by a quiz. An 85% pass rate on each quiz will consider the user proficient in that lecture. Quiz results are shown upon completion to explain correct and incorrect quiz answers. Quizzes may be taken multiple times, each with different questions to assure maximum user comprehension.

Course Material

  • Basic physics (atomic structures)
  • Basic physics as applied to clinical imaging (e.g., nuclides, isotopes and decay)
  • Electromagnetic Properties of Radiation (Background Radiation, wavelength formulas)
  • Basic physics as applied to clinical imaging (decay modes (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), high energy imaging)
  • Gamma cameras, collimation, and equipment quality control procedures
  • Generators
  • Interactions of radiation with matter
  • Radiation Units
  • Attenuation correction, including transmission and CT methods
  • Radiotracer kinetics and characteristics (e.g., thallium-201 and technetium-99m)
  • PET agents
  • Red blood cell tagging
  • Radiopharmaceutical receiving, handling, monitoring, and containment
  • Handling radiopharmaceutical spills and waste
  • Storage and calibration of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Dosimetry and MIRD
  • Radiation Safety Concepts and Training
  • Radiation exposure and ALARA
  • Governmental regulations
  • Radiation Exposure monitors and limits

  • The four math formulas as applied to Nuclear Cardiology – taught clearly to facilitate comprehension without a calculator.
  1. Wave Formula
  2. Inverse Square Law
  3. Radiation Decay
  4. Shielding (Half-Value Layer)
  • Image acquisition
  • Image processing

Course Tuition

This Nuclear Cardiology Physics Course is available for $500 per user. You will have access to all course material for 100 days.

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