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We are an education website designed to provide Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) in meeting high quality contact hours for staff education in the Ambulatory Surgery Center setting.  

These modules are a collection of titles designed to train your staff on the most current standards of care. The library contains clinical and non clinical courses to help your ASC staff to improve competency, reduce risk, and maintain compliance.

The requirements for successful completion of each Topic are reviewing each presentation and completing each topic quiz with a score of 85% or higher as a requirement of competency.   

This website and content is not affiliated with sponsorship or commercial support. 

Four credits in this course have been submitted to the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, Inc. for approval to award contact hours. The Association of periOperative Registered Nurses, Inc. is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.  There will be 4hour available soon for this credit, these are not available at this time. 

Activities that are approved by AORN are recognized as continuing education for registered nurses. This recognition does not imply that AORN or the ANCC Commission on Accreditation approves or endorses any product in the presentation.  The expiration date of this course is:  ____These contact hours will be available soon______.  

While contract hour credit is not available at this moment, it will be very soon, but the compentency and training portions of this coursework are ready.   Start at the courses you have an interest in completing for a certificate, upon completing reviewing the presentation material and the quiz with a passing grade you will be sent a certificate of completion via email. 

A one year 365 day pass for one person applies for a $40 fee.    Email me directly or call me if you need additional support  cell/text me:  586 808 3058.  One Facility lead per site can have a FREE pass (without certificates) just to assure this is the high quality coursework they are interested in. 

Course Registration

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Course Work Available Once Registered
A Course Evaluation - Required for Contact Hour Credits 

1. Medication Administration Safety in an Ambulatory Surgery Center:  Part 1 
2. Medication Administration Safety in an Ambulatory Surgery Center:  Part 2  
3. Medication Administration Safety in an Ambulatory Surgery Center:  Part 3 
4. Bloodborne Pathogens and Standard Precautions   
5. Care of the Pediatric Patient
6. Care of the Adult Patient 
7. Overview, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pathology, Epidemiology and Prevention of HIV/AIDS
8. Fire Prevention in Ambulatory Surgical Centers
9. Preventing Operating Room Fires in an Ambulatory Surgical Centers
10. General Safety Concerns for Workers in the Ambulatory Surgical Centers
11. Use of Radiation in an Ambulatory Surgery Centers
12. HIPAA Training for Ambulatory Surgery Center Professionals
13. Identifying and Assessing Domestic Abuse Victims for Ambulatory Surgery Center Professionals   
14. Latex Allergies 
15. Malignant Hyperthermia in your Ambulatory Surgery Center
16. Monitoring Ambulatory Surgery Patients During Moderate Sedation/Analgesia  
17. Postoperative Pain Management for Ambulatory Surgery Center Patients  
18. Prevention of Influenza in Ambulatory Surgery Centers – with separate Covid-19 Lecture and Quiz
19. Providing Culturally Competent Care in the Ambulatory Surgery Center
20. Providing Safe Patient Handling and Movement in an Ambulatory Surgery Center
21. Workplace Violence in an Ambulatory Surgery Center 
22. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  
23. Compliance Programs in Ambulatory Surgery Centers 
24. Hand Hygiene Compliance in Medical Care 
25. Sharps Basics in Ambulatory Surgical Centers 
26. Infection Control in Ambulatory Surgical Centers  
27. Understanding Antibiotic Resistance  
28. Basics of Disinfection and Sterilization 
29. Human Trafficking

Additional course details - with course outcomes:   Ambulatory Surgical Center Regulatory Compliance Course Syllabus 

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Additional Course Information

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