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Radiologic School of Technology Physics Course
Radiologic School of Technology Quality Management Course

With our experience and expertise, we are an excellent choice to help your students master their physics training.  Take all or some of Physics Coursework off your hands, send your students to the Physics experts!  To set up this course it is best to contact us so we can tailor the program to your need for your students.  or 

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x-ray tube and light bulb explaination

Course Applications offers online Radiologic Technologist Physics Semester Courses for college or hospital-based programs.  Replace or supplement your current physics training with our online semester Physics1, Physics2, or Quality Management. 

Course Cost

This Radiologic Technologist Physics Course is available for $1000 per year for as many students within your facility, tell us how many logins you need all included.  Each student will have a unique login.  You will have access to all course material for 365 days.   
To purchase as a single individual for study and board review purposes the course is available for $35 for 30days of access, or $45 for a semester pass per student thru a radiological tech school single pass program - Click here for this option.  For the Quality Management or other options not noted, please email me at

Course Material

  • Unique teaching methods used to teach physics in an understandable way. Instructors can try this out for free - see if this program works for their school.
  • Online access - students can access the course wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Easy to follow course format.
  • Course navigation video - familiarizes students with the course layout.
  • Detailed course requirements provided.
  • Up to Twenty three (23) courses and Twenty three (23) quizzes of physics material with audio/visual presentations. One week of spring break, two weeks of semester finals equals a total course available content of 26weeks.  You choose which courses your student's review.   Topics below. 
  • Seven (7) chapters of quality management material, with Three (3) exams on these subjects.
  • Printable course material.
  • Recommended reading material - educational reference articles relating to course material.
  • Practice quiz - prepares students for timed and graded quizzes.
  • Every topic includes a timed quiz with detailed answers provided for student review.  Each quiz is pulled randomly from our extensive question bank so every student will have a unique quiz.  Quizzes are similar to board format.  
  • Timed final exam.
  • Student progress reports provided weekly to the program instructors via email.
  • Customizable - formatted to your program requirements.
  • Unparalleled instructor support.
  • Developed and maintained by an American Board of Radiology certified Diagnostic Medical Physicist with over 25 years of experience teaching medical professionals.  Our physicists are available to answer your students' questions if they need additional assistance. 

26week course content

Imagine skipping teaching Physics for all of your students for this low price, imagine having access to a Board Certified Physicist to teach your students for this low price.  

Additional Course Information

If you are interested in this course and would like additional information, even a temporary 7-day pass for program instructors only, check out the course prior to purchase.  Simply contact or call our physicist Laura Smith at cell/text me: 586 808 3058 directly. 

With our experience and expertise, we are an excellent choice to help your students master their physics training.
Contact us for the best online physics training available!

Course Disclaimer.    We here at Medical Physics Training and make every effort to produce excellence in your regulatory education.  When new guidelines or rules and regulations are updated, we will make every effort to timely update our courses, as necessary.  Responsibility for regulatory compliances remain with the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) therefore we encourage you to routinely check all relevant regulatory agencies directly and regularly to assure the latest updates for clinical and administrative guidelines that apply to your ASC staff.

Please report any concerns you have about patient safety or quality of care at your location to your accrediting organization.

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